Mar 29 2015

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5 teams enter to win NASA’s CRS-2 contract

For commercial cargo, ideas old and new. This is an overview article, most of which has been reported here before in various posts.

The contestants are:

  • Orbital Sciences’ Cygnus capsule (incumbent)
  • SpaceX’s Dragon capsule (incumbent)
  • Boeing’s cargo variant of the CST-100 (one of the two CCtCAP commercial crew contract winners)
  • Lockheed Martin’s Jupiter/Exoliner concept
  • Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser cargo variant

I’ll do my one of my patented “I predict who will win” posts probably late May, a week or so before NASA awards the contract, so I won’t spill the beans here. However, though the linked article above is an overview (focusing mostly on Dream Chaser and Jupiter/Exoliner), there are a few nuggets of data of which I’d been unaware:

  • The CRS-2 contract does not cover development costs (unlike the series of contracts leading up to and including CRS-1).
  • Lockheed Martin may have their eyes on a bigger picture with their Jupiter concept. Jupiter could be used for on-orbit satellite servicing, become a way-station itself in a cis-lunar architecture build, or fit with the Orion capsule to triple its living space. Whether or not LM is a winner of the CRS-2 contract, something tells me this won’t be the last we hear of Jupiter/Exoliner.

NASA expects to award the contract on 10 June.

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