Apr 01 2015

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Surf’s up!!

Ancient Mars May Have Had Slow-Moving Monster Waves.

These Martian waves would probably have shapes similar to the ones on Earth, “but they would move significantly more slowly on Mars than on Earth,” Banfield said. “Because water waves move forward due to the force of gravity, and the surface gravity is smaller on Mars, the waves on Mars would move about half as fast as they would on Earth.”

One implication of slower waves “is that the waves can actually build to higher heights on Mars,” Banfield added. For example, on Earth, given 44-mph (18 to 72 km/h) winds and an atmospheric pressure of 1,000 millibars, waves would be about 33 feet (10 meters) tall, but on Mars, those same conditions would produce waves that were about 72 feet (22 m) high.

So surfing would have been epic, but much slower.

And surfing reminds me of hippies…

Which reminds me of

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