Apr 06 2015

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April 13th — it’s on like Donkey Kong!!

SpaceX preparing for a busy season of missions and test milestones. First and foremost will be CRS-6, scheduled to launch 13 April with an attempt to land the first stage booster on an ASDS.

Yep, we’ll be live-blogging it from pre-launch activities through the booster landing.

Yep, I think SpaceX will nail this one. We’ll be witnessing history on this launch, folks. Big history. First-man-on-the-moon type history. I CANNOT WAIT!!

After the booster recovery, it’ll eventually be shipped to Spaceport America for a follow-on launch to test SpaceX’s reusability concept. I am seriously thinking about making the drive to New Mexico for that, but we’ll see.

The article also notes that the Dragon 2 pad abort test is tentatively scheduled for 2 May, so we’ll keep an eye on that event as well. I likely won’t live-blog that, but we’ll see.

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