Apr 06 2015

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My bet is an alien race with 187.5 tenticles

Unusual pattern found in fast radio bursts.

We have detected 10 fast bursts of radio waves (FRBs) coming from space in the past 15 year. The delay between the arrival of the first and last waves of each burst is always close to a multiple of 187.5. No known natural process can explain this.

Or perhaps I should have said, “Close but no cigar.” There does seem to be a high correlation between whatever’s going on, but sorry…they’re going to have to come up with something more than “10 times in 15 years” and “around 187.5” to convince me this isn’t either random noise, or some rare natural phenomenon.

But just in case they’re readers of NewSpaceRaces, I welcome our new alien overlords:

I am, after all, a trusted news blogger.

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