Apr 13 2015

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Live-blogging SpaceX’s CRS-6 launch and booster recovery

Instantaneous launch window tomorrow will be at 1:10pm Pacific time. The official forecast for tomorrow is 50% chance of weather cooperating. Sigh…

I’ll be here to live-blog it…data and weather willing.

1332 We’re officially scrubbed for the day. grumble Grumble GRUMBLE!!!!!!
1330 Weather officer just put a hold due to the weather!! Attached Thunderstorm Anvil Cloud warning. DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1329 Strongback retracted, everything still “go”. Weather still good.
1328 Strongback retracting
1327 Falcon Stage 1 and 2 switching to internal power.
1325 Thunderstorm moving at 8 kts, still outside of the 10 nm limit. Finally in a rythm with my work computer!! (Darn meddling kids!)
1323 Terminal countdown begun. T-10 minutes. Tracking cameras started.
1321 All stations report “go” for terminal countdown.
1320 Weather update: Still keeping an eye on that thunderstorm. Still outside of 10 nm from the launch pad.
1314 Weather update: Things are getting a bit hairy with thunderstorms in the area. Any thunderstorm cells within 10 nm of the launch pad can cause an abort. At this time, we’re at T-18 minutes and still at “go”.
1310 My work computer is barely up to the task here. Even with every app shut down except for my web browser (stinkin’ IE), it’s running super slow. C’mon, Bessy — you can do it!!
1306 OMG, I’m going to KILL my kids!! 10 minutes ago I get notification that we’ve exceeded our data plan for Verizon. I had to completely reconfigure things on my work computer — using a less than optimal set up. I’m back up. Weather is still good, no technical issues (at SpaceX or the launch site).
1243 NASA TV runs a featurette on the one-year ISS mission. Both astronauts are onboard Dragon and will be launched on CRS-6.

Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko
1240 Here’s the 6 hour forecast for Cape Canaveral:

Increasing clouds with temperatures slowly falling to near 74F. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph.

1234 Weather briefing: There are thunderstorms all over the Florida. Most of them have been thinning and dissapating about 20 miles away, but they’ll be keeping a close eye on them. No issues with high-level winds. Winds are about 14-19 knots at the landing pad. Solar weather is good. Currently “go” on all weather issues.
1230 OK, now the NASA TV broadcast has started. Remember, we have an instantaneous launch window 1:33:16 Pacific time. They say there’s a 60% chance the weather will cooperate — it does look a bit windy on the launch pad. No technical issues at this time.
1225 NASA TV broadcast starts. Er…well, at least the splash screen has come up.
1223 All times Pacific local (as usual). I’m totally stoked — I got a really good feeling that the third time will be the charm for SpaceX. http://www.oceanweather.com/data/ says that waves are about 5 feet in the landing area:

that means that ASDS should have no trouble maintaining station while waiting for the Falcon booster to rendezvous with it.

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