Apr 13 2015

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Open Source Initiatives may have profound impacts on NewSpace

Op-ed | Open Source: A New Direction for Space.

Open source products are having a profound impact on the world today. Websites such as Wikipedia that use open content have largely replaced traditional encyclopedias. There is a good chance you are reading this content on an open source browser such as Mozilla or on an open source operating system such as Android or Linux. And Arduino is one example of an open source hardware product that has been very successful.

The author goes on to point out examples of Open Sources that are impacting the Space Industry, like:

  • NASA’s PhoneSat bus, which runs the Android OS and cost only about $3500 to produce.
  • NASA has a whole library of apps that are open source
  • CubeSats
  • Microcontrollers, specifically easy-to-use packages such as Arduino, Edison and BeagleBoard.

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