Apr 14 2015

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ULA unveils Vulcan rocket

ULA Unveils America’s New Rocket – Vulcan. Vulcan is the name America voted for ULA’s Next Generation Launch Vehicle. It’ll re-use the booster main engines by jettisoning them and capturing them in mid-air.

There will be two stages of the Vulcan development:

  1. A single booster with up to four solid booster rockets. The second stage will be a Centaur with either a 4 or 5 meter fairing.
  2. The Centaur stage gets replaced with Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage (ACES), which will give Vulcan the lift capacity of a Delta IV Heavy

” More capabilities in space mean more capabilities here on earth,” said Tory Bruno , president and CEO of United Launch Alliance. “Because the Next Generation Launch System will be the highest-performing, most cost-efficient rocket on the market, it will open up new opportunities for the nation’s use of space. Whether it is scientific missions, medical advancements, national security or new economic opportunities for businesses, ULA’s new Vulcan rocket is a game-changer in terms of creating endless possibilities in space.”

Hmmm…most cost efficient rocket on the market? SpaceX would take exception to that statement.

And “highest-performing”? SpaceX begs to differ.

Maybe Mr. Bruno hasn’t heard of SpaceX?

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