Apr 15 2015

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Falcon booster landed on ASDS, just didn’t stay upright

VIDEO: Chase Plane Captures SpaceX Rocket Landing Attempt After Successful CRS-6 Dragon Launch.

“Looks like Falcon landed fine, but excess lateral velocity caused it to tip over post landing,” said Elon Musk via his Twitter account (@ElonMusk) after launch. “Either not enough thrust to stabilize or a leg was damaged. Data review needed.”

“Looks like the issue was stiction in the biprop throttle valve, resulting in control system phase lag,” added Musk this evening. “Should be easy to fix.”

This has me wondering something I’ve always wondered about landing on the unmanned ASDS: How do you gripe down the rocket after it lands? The ASDS is supposed to be stable in almost any sea, but even a little bit of pitch and roll (it seems to me) could threaten the rocket’s stability. Shouldn’t there be a way to tie down the booster after it lands?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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