Apr 20 2015

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SpaceX pinpoints cause of latest booster landing failure

Fine-tuning Falcon 9 landing focuses on throttle valve response.

As seen in released videos, the stage conducted all of its tasks successfully, as it closed in on the deck of the ASDS. However, the stage failed to nail its landing due to a “slower than expected throttle valve response,” per comments made by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, resulting in a hard landing.

While the landing was far more accurate and smoother than the CRS-5 attempt, the stage failed to land safely on all of its legs – despite a valiant attempt by the stage’s Attitude Control System (ACS) thrusters to correct the angle.

The stage eventually toppled over and exploded on the deck.

The ASDS, as designed, did not suffer serious damage and will be cleaned up and ready to set sail in June.

The next booster landing attempt will occur in July with the launch of CRS-7.

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