Apr 22 2015

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Up your Space Nerdiness street cred

AGI offers free training for STK.

STK is a free 2D and 3D modeling environment used by engineers, mission analysts, operators and decision-makers from more than 700 global organizations to model complex systems (such as aircraft, satellites, ground vehicles and their sensors) to evaluate their performance in real or simulated time. Built on a time-dynamic, physics-based geometry engine, AGI software answers fundamental questions essential to solving dynamic analysis problems.

The basic application is free (you have to pay for module additions, though). I’ve used STK a bit in the past, but definitely could use more instruction. These training courses definitely go on my to-do list once the spring softball season is over (3 more weeks, but who’s counting?).

No, they’re not a sponsor, but anything this good and free deserves a shout-out.

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