Apr 27 2015

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Proposed NASA budget keeps funding level, guts Climate Science

http://www.spacepolicyonline.com/news/earth-science-takes-hit-in-proposed-house-nasa-authorization-bill. Woot-Woot, I say!

NASA’s earth science program is funded at $1.773 billion in FY2015. The request for FY2016 is $1.947 billion. Under the bill’s aspirational scenario, it would receive $1.450 billion in FY2016. Under the constrained scenario, it would receive $1.199 billion. Using current funding and the aspirational scenario for FY2016, it would be an approximately 18 percent cut. Compared to the President’s request, it would be a roughly 26 percent cut. If the BCA caps are not removed and the constrained scenario plays out for FY2016, it would be about a 32 percent cut compared to current funding or a 38 percent cut compared to the President’s request.

I’d be OK with an even larger cut than 32%, but it’s a start.

SpacePolicy.com has a great summary of the proposed appropriation here. It looks like they’ve taken Earth Science money away (good) and put it under SLS (meh). I’d rather see the money got toward Commercial Space development, but whatever.

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