Apr 28 2015

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SpaceX successfully launches Turkmenistan’s first satellite to GEO

Record-Setting SpaceX Roars to Geostationary Orbit With Spectacular Falcon 9 Launch, launching 13 days after the last Falcon launch, which is a SpaceX best. Weather was apparently atrocious, and they had to hold the countdown twice, but they managed to launch 49 minutes into the launch window.

Lots of details at the link. As the article points out, aside from sending 1 payload to the wrong orbit back in 2012, Falcon has a 100% success rate. Factoring in the one failure, that’s 18 for 19 or a 94.7% success rate. AND, keep in mind that that one failure was a secondary payload — the Falcon’s primary mission (ISS resupply) was fulfilled.

No news in the article about how much (if any) fuel was left over after the satellite was delivered. I’ll keep digging around — *that’s* what I’m most curious about regarding this launch.

Permanent link to this article: http://www.newspaceraces.com/2015/04/28/spacex-successfully-launches-turkmenistans-first-satellite-to-geo/

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