May 03 2015

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New ESA chief wants an outpost on the Moon

Europe’s Next Space Chief Wants a Moon Colony on the Lunar Far Side. He espouses scientific reasons for a far-side Lunar base, which means you’ll need at least one comms satellite in a Halo orbit at L2 first…not seeing that happen, at least for only scientific reasons.

Here was the most interesting quote:

NASA views the moon as an interesting destination as well, he added.

“We’re going to spend a 10-year period of time between 2020 to 2030 in cis-lunar space,” Bolden said, “trying to establish an infrastructure in lunar orbit from which we can help entrepreneurs, international partners and the like who want to get down to the surface of the moon.”

NASA “can’t lead it,” Bolden added. “But I hope you’ll let me have at least one astronaut on the mission that goes down to the surface of the moon … because there is invaluable experience to be gained from doing that.”

That attitude will change around 20 Jan 2018, when President Walker properly sets NASA’s near term goals on Cis-Lunar infrastructure. On a side note, the HS softball season ends in two weeks, and shortly after that I’ll have my everyone-is-proposing-alternatives-to-ARM-so-here’s-mine NASA vision up on this site. I’m sure President Walker (or Jindal, or Cruz, or maybe Carson) will adopt it as his own.

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