May 03 2015

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SpaceX Dragon abort test moved to Wednesday

SpaceX, NASA Discuss Forthcoming Dragon Pad Abort Test. Though this is actually a CCiCAP event for SpaceX, NASA will use the data to help certify SpaceX for CCtCAP. The launch window opens at 4am Pacific…I’ll likely not live-blog it, not because it’s too early in the morning (what is this thing you call sleep?), but because ultimately it’s just a short launch and splashdown. The capability is new, but the actual event isn’t so much.

The test will be a short and rapid one, lasting under two minutes from pad departure through splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean, with most of that distance covered in the initial 25-30 seconds. “I can hold my breath the entire time!” quipped Dr. Koenigsmann. The instrumented Dragon crew module—whose payload includes a crash test dummy, named “Buster”—and the unpressurized trunk will be mounted atop a simulated upper segment of the Falcon 9 v1.1 rocket and a steel truss framework, which has been installed directly over the flame trench aperture on SLC-40.

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