May 12 2015

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Now that Dragon 2 has passed its pad abort test with flying colors…

Falcon Heavy enabler for Dragon solar system explorer. Elon Musk says that the Falcon Heavy is powerful enough to send Dragon 2 anywhere in the Solar System, and that Dragon 2’s SuperDraco’s engines could be used to safely land on an airless body like the Moon or one with an atmosphere like Mars.

He even talks about Dragon 2 landing on Europa. I’d bet you dollars to donuts that they’re already working on a Dragon 2 variant with a ramp so that a 4 ton rover could drive out and straight off into its mission.

If successful (remember, Falcon Heavy’s first test launch is in a couple of months), that could be the nail in the coffin to NASA’s SLS and Orion programs. Why spend taxpayer money building something that SpaceX can build and field faster and cheaper?

SpaceX ROCKS!!

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