May 13 2015

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I’d say more like 10 years…but yeah

US Fears ‘Bad’ Chinese, Russian Anti-Satellite Weapons. The window for Chinese aggression is probably 5 to 10 years away…I’m guessing more like 10. Make no mistake — the Chinese consider us interlopers on the world stage which they believe they’ve dominated for thousands of years (except for the last 150 or so). That and the one-couple-one-child strategy has left gazillions of single male adults with nothing to do.

The Chinese have always seen us as a threat, are preparing to go to war with us, and plan to win that war, period. Our current 8 year Socialism experiment has only emboldened them. And since the US Military is so wedded to satellite technology, it only makes sense for the Chinese to plan to take that out.

Now the Russians?…well, Herb Brooks said it best…”Their time…is done.”

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