May 13 2015

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Industry-wide endorsements for US Senate’s Commercial Space Launch Act

Senate Commercial Space Launch Bill Includes Extending ISS to 2024, which is important. It also keeps the FAA from issuing new regulations until 2020 (the House version of the bill would extend this protection to 2023), which is even more important.

Here are the industry leaders who have come out in support of the latest CSLA:

  • Eric Anderson, Co-Founder, Planetary Resources
  • Howard Bloom, Founder and Chair, and John Strickland, Chief Analyst, Space Development Steering Committee
  • John Conafay, Executive Director, and Andrew Newman, Board Member-at-Large, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
  • Frank DiBello, President and CEO, Space Florida
  • Jeff Feige, Chairman of the Board, Space Frontier Foundation
  • Andrew Gasser, President, TEA Party in Space
  • Jeff Greason, Chief Technical Officer and Chairman of the Board, XCOR Aerospace
  • Taber MacCallum, Chief Technology Officer, World View Enterprises
  • Jeffrey Manber, CEO, NanoRacks
  • Rob Meyerson, President, Blue Origin
  • Bob Mitchell, President, Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership
  • Wayne Rast, Executive Director, Texas Space Alliance
  • Bob Richards, CEO, Moon Express
  • John Sharp, Chancellor, The Texas A&M University System
  • Dale Skran, Executive Vice President, National Space Society (NSS)
  • SpaceX
  • Eric Stallmer, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
  • Pamela Welch, Executive Director, Midland Development Corporation
  • George Whitesides, CEO, Virgin Galactic

If they can keep the FAA’s grubby paws off of the Commercial Space industry to 2023, then they can add NewSpaceRaces to their list of endorsements.

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