May 13 2015

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Interesting Article on Deep Space CubeSat use

Tiny Cubesats Set to Explore Deep Space. First, the article details the currently planned deep space CubeSat missions

  • INSPIRE: a 3 month mission to characterize solar wind
  • BioSentinel: will measure the effects of radiation on yeast
  • NEA Scout: Survey a Near Earth Asteroid
  • Lunar Flashlight: search for Lunar ice

BioSentinel, NEA Scout, and Lunar Flashlight will ride aboard SLS on its test launch in 2017.

While the article points out that a CubeSat will never be as capable as a larger satellite, there are some potential uses for CubeSats either as stand-alone missions or as ride-alongs on bigger missions, such as:

  • Used for risky sub-missions, like flying through atmospheres or impacting surfaces
  • Taking multiple observations at the same time but from different places
  • Medium interest targets that may not warrant a full-blown mission but are worth spending a CubeSat for exploration

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