May 20 2015

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Couldn’t have said it better myself…mostly

The Moon or Mars: Flawed Debate, False Choice – Part One. The author builds a strong case for why we should go to the Moon before we go to Mars.

Reader’s Digest version:

  • The Moon is much closer, effecting everything from rocket size to communications delays

I do take issue with one of his conclusions:

To add to all the controversy to the exploration and settlement of Mars, is the issue of contamination and quarantine. Some scientists believe human activity on extraterrestrial bodies will endanger potential life forms that may exist there. And the search for life on Mars has only just begun. It may be decades before we know if there are life forms there or not. Until then, human activity may have to wait, if we are to follow their advice. There has not been much debate about this issue with regard to the “magnificent desolation” that is the surface of our Moon.

Sorry, no freakin’ environmentalist concerned about microbial life on Mars is going to keep me away. Either the microbe will kill me, or I’ll kill it, just as it should be.

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