May 20 2015

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Pack your bags, Khrunichev space center employee…for your transfer to Yakutsk

Russian deputy PM attacks space industry with reform bill. Khrunichev Space Centre apparently employees 13X the number of employees that Orbital Sciences employs (I assume he’s talking about Orbital ATK…which employs about 12,000 people), so that’s…12000 x 13…carry the 1…156,000 people!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap!

Khrunichev employs 13 times the people working at Orbital Sciences, a US firm which launches supply missions to the International Space Station, Rogozin said, while in general the US space industry is “nine times more efficient” than the Russian one.

Many engineers working in the industry make only 30,000 rubles ($600) per month and are able to make ends meet only by living in dormitories far from Moscow, he said.

$600 x 12…$7200 per year?

I have never seen such a stark argument for Capitalism vs. Socialism (or oligarchic fascism, in this case). Seems to me that one could make the argument that the freer the market, the more efficient the industry, which means WAY more salary for the employees that make a Capitalist company run. But I digress…

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