May 22 2015

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I’m going to do an experiment

This is a great article about taking action. It has nothing to do with the Space Industry, but well worth the read anyways — I sent it to my entire family. The article’s title is “The Art of Manliness”, but it’s really about how to make real progress toward goals.

In it, it makes the following recommendation:

II. Input Deprivation Week

Go an entire week with zero information consumption.

I first tried this last year and it was wildly successful. I got more done in one week than I had in the month prior. I also ate the best I had all year and solidified my meditation practice. It was so effective I offered it up to the readers of my blog, StartupBros.

Most of the people mocked me or called me naive. A few actually tried it, though. And many of them are still practicing it to this day. It’s the most effective way I’ve found to boost output.

It’s also the most painful.

You are going to, for an entire week, live without information input.

Stay with me on this.

For one week:

  • No reading books.
  • No reading blogs.
  • No reading newspapers.
  • No going on Facebook (even just to post).
  • No watching TV (shows, sports, news, anything).
  • No watching movies.
  • No listening to talk radio.
  • No going on Reddit.
  • No going on Twitter.
  • No information input – only output!

You must force yourself to spend an entire week with yourself and the people immediately surrounding you.

This will, first and foremost, force you into action by stripping away every activity you run to in order to avoid actually doing the work you know you should be doing.

Besides that, it will increase mindfulness, increase the respect you have for your own ideas, you’ll have more ideas, unsolvable life problems may begin to make sense, you’ll have an increased appreciation for the news that actually matters, you’ll become more social, you’ll gain perspective, and you’ll become more original.

It sounds too good to be true but it’s not. It’s what happens. The only way for you to appreciate this is to do it.

I’m going to give this a try, though it is going to be VERY difficult for me, particularly cutting out books, blogs and news sites. The output I’m going to focus on, however, are the big projects for this blog, which I place in the following order:

  1. NewSpaceRaces recommendation to NASA re: Martian vs. Lunar exploration. Everyone else is chiming in, and I said a couple of weeks ago that when softball season is over, I’d tackle this project. Well, aside from a playoff game or two, my Spring season is over. So time to tackle this project. If I get this done over the next week, then I’ll tackle the next project:
  2. I’ve built a rudimentary Mars seasonal model, but need to code it in. Ultimately, I’d like to build a plugin to this site so people could check the weather themselves, but at least a blog post or two on the topic should be done.
  3. Ditto for my rudimentary orbital analysis tool.
  4. If I get all that done, then maybe a reference sheet for rocket lift capacity

So I will still post, but by generating my own content, not reporting on news (good thing that there’s nothing major scheduled for next week). These are the posts I plan over the next 7 days (this will likely change over time):

  • Examination of Delta V in Cis-Lunar space
  • Yes, we’re going to the Moon first
  • Skip Earth Orbit for the Moon?
  • Lunar Exploration done right
  • Why Lunar Colonies make sense, Where to build them, and what infrastructure needs to be in place to do that
  • Lunar colonies that can make a profit
  • Building up Cis-Lunar space
  • Mars next? Or..?

That’s at least a post a day, and these won’t be quick-hitters, but detailed solutions with graphs and pictures and such. Ultimately, these posts will be assembled into a Lunar Plan in the Reference tab.

My regularly scheduled news blogging will restart next Saturday. Hope this Input Derivation Week works out well for you and for me.

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