Jun 01 2015

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After earlier SNAFU, LightSail seems to be operational

Planetary Society’s LightSail awakens and sends a signal. They may unfurl the sail itself tomorrow (Tuesday).

To catch you up after my Data Deprivation Week, I present you this:

This afternoon, mission managers gave the go-ahead for a manual solar sail deployment as early as Tuesday, June 2 at 11:44 a.m. EDT (15:44 UTC), providing the spacecraft completes an arduous set of Monday preparations. Since waking up Saturday after eight days of silence, the spacecraft has been busy sending telemetry back to Earth, snapping test images and preparing itself for sail deployment.

So it stopped sending signals when NewSpaceRaces went dark, and recovered just in time for me to blog about it. How very thoughtful of LightSail!

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