Jun 04 2015

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It’s news…but not really news

NASA Developing Plans for Human Missions to Cislunar Space in 2020s. It’s news in that it runs at least sideways to Obama’s stated goal of getting to Mars because the Moon is “been-there, done-that”. Yeah…technically Cis-Lunar does not necessarily include “Lunar surface”, but it takes just a short Delta-V detour to get there. It’s no secret that SLS and Orion need additions to their manifests, so the new focus on Cis-Lunar missions dovetails nicely with SLS/Orion manifest development.

What is more interesting is that NASA has funded Cis-Lunar studies under the NextSTEP contract. I didn’t think the NextSTEP contract had been awarded yet, but the article talks like some of the analysis was ordered months ago. Things that make one go, “hmmmmmmm”.

But, bottom line, this is a good thing, and it positions NASA well should the next administration shift their focus to Lunar exploration (which, IMO, they should).

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