Jun 04 2015

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Rumbling, Stumbling, Humbling, Fumbling…Footballs?

I put this article over in Other Newsy Stuff. It was interesting (basically, because Pluto-Charon is a binary planet system, all the other moons’ orbits are chaotic), but nothing to post about. Then I clicked on the image:

Freaky! Now, it’s an artists’ rendition, but…Freaky! They think that most of Pluto’s moons are football-shaped. I’d bet a BLT sandwich that this indicates that most of the moons in the Pluto system are oblong Kuiper Belt objects that have been captured over time. I’d also bet a glass of milk with the sandwich that, because most of their orbits are chaotic, Pluto’s moons tend to get captured and then eventually leave orbit over time.

The picture is from Americaspace.com.

Here’s a video of Nix’s rotation:

Again I say: Freaky!

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