Jun 05 2015

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Color me surprised

US space firm supports need to ease Russian rocket engines ban. Per the newswire from Russia.

Go ahead and guess which company wants the Russian engine ban lifted.

I’ll wait.

Yep, you guessed it. ULA. So if you’re a crony capitalist and buy a lifetime supply of engines from Russia because that’s what the US government wants at the time (1990’s) because Russia is our BFF, then get the rug pulled out from under you because the US Government changes its stance, because…you know…the Russians invaded our ally Ukraine….wellllll, I’m not going to feel the least bit sorry for said crony capitalist.

Sometimes when you dance with the dancing bear, you get eaten.

And what’s up with SpaceDaily.com Being a news site myself, I get that you are sometimes starving to content just to fill the white spaces, but why is SpaceDaily.com acting as Pravda for the Russian government? I look forward to the day that the Kremlin comes to me to publish propaganda for them — I’ll tell them “Hit the road, commie bastards.” Which is what SpaceDaily.com should have done.

Just sayin’.

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