Jun 05 2015

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Ruht rho…more LightSail problems

LightSail Falls Silent; Battery Glitch Suspected.

“Following solar panel deployment,” he wrote, “it was noticed that all of the battery cells were drawing near zero current. This indicated that the batteries were likely in a fault condition stemming from the solar panel deployment event.”

On the next ground station overflight, the team regained contact. But the battery situation remained unchanged, and the spacecraft appeared to have rebooted unexpectedly.

LightSail’s last automated telemetry chirps came in Wednesday at 4:40 p.m. EDT (20:40 UTC). The spacecraft then moved out of range for ten-and-a-half hours. When Thursday’s expected contact time arrived, LightSail was silent.

Hmmm…that is not good. I hold out little hope that LightSail can be revived at this point, but I certainly hope I’m wrong.

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