Jun 26 2015

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Gotta love almost zero connectivity

My normal productivity has grounded down to almost nothing since both of my laptops were stolen a couple of weeks ago. I’m still waiting for the insurance company to process my claim, and until they do, I’m making due with loaner equipment that just isn’t cutting the mustard.

My company, thankfully, did not hold me financially responsible for my work computer and have ordered a new one for me. They gave me a loaner in the mean time that is very obsolete and can barely boot up before the hard drive and fan start whirring away. Using it makes me feel like partying like I have a 386 machine…I double-click on an icon to start a program, walk down to the kitchen to grab some coffee and maybe, MAYBE, the app has opened by the time I get back.

I have a company-provided wireless card that is almost useless. I think my office building is build by the Ivo Shandor because wireless signals enter and die long before they get to my office.

Between a super slow computer and a wireless card that doesn’t get much signal, it’s just been difficult to get posting done. Sure, Matthew Broderick saved the world with a dial-up modem and an Atari 400:

but apparently blogging about the space industry is way harder than saving the world.

The good news is that my new work computer will be ready today or Monday, and one of my bible study friends has a really new, powerful laptop I can use indefinitely. Hopefully by the end of the weekend, I’ll have that puppy configured for my purposes and I’ll be back in business.

Until then, thank you for your patience!!

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