Jul 01 2015

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OneWeb raises $500 million in investment capital

Satellite-Internet Company Raises $500 Million for Huge Constellation. Most significantly, Intelsat is one of their investors. Intelsat and OneWeb both plan to operate in the Ku-band, which could cause interference issues. Now that they’re working together, OneWeb and Intelsat can compliment each other instead of competing against each other.

The advantage for OneWeb is substantial. Its constellation of 648 satellites operating at 1,200 kilometers in Ku-band faces potential interference issues around the equator, and any interference would be resolved in favor of the established operators in geostationary orbit, like Intelsat.

OneWeb’s regulatory license allows it to operate, but only on condition that its broadcasts do not bother Ku-band signals from satellites in higher orbit, which by virture of being there for the past several decades have established priority with international regulators.

VERY interesting. OneWeb constructing 648 satellites will have many implications on the industry in general, in addition to providing wideband communications across the globe (including polar regions), such as

  • New satellite component manufacturers as demand increases
  • A possible run on Rare Earth Elements as manufacturing demand strains current inventories
  • Assuming REEs are in supply, a likely lowering overall of satellite component costs, lowering the barrier of entry for other satellite constellations

As I said…quite interesting. And it took them almost no time to raise that money.

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