Jul 02 2015

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SpaceX still searching for cause of Falcon 9 1.1 failure

SpaceX Still Looking for Cause of Falcon 9 Failure as Russia Readies Next Progress.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9, carrying a Dragon capsule full of supplies for the ISS, failed 139 seconds into flight on Sunday, June 28. It was the 19th Falcon 9 launch after 18 consecutive successes. SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell said shortly thereafter that “there were pressurization indications in the second stage” and the first stage is not suspect.

SpaceX spokesman John Taylor said via email late yesterday that the company’s engineering teams are “reviewing every piece of flight data as we work through a thorough fault tree analysis in order to identify root cause.” After that is completed, it will know more about rescheduled launch dates. Although some debris has been recovered from the ocean, the flight data is expected to hold the key to the cause.

And now you know everything I know. The article also points out that the JASON-3 launch from Vandenberg which is scheduled for 8 August could very well slip. Unless they figure out what went wrong with CRS-7 and they determine that the cause has no effect on the JASON-3 launch vehicle (very unlikely, IMO), SpaceX’s entire manifest will likely slip to the right several months.

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