Jul 05 2015

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Another pro-Russian article on the RD-180

McCain Blows His Top Over US Inability to Abandon Russian Rocket Engines. Now, John McCain is an ass and should have retired a long time ago. I say this as a fellow USNA alum, and I even gave some money to his 2000 campaign. I was young(ish) and foolish then…no way would I endorse McCain for any public office now.

Still, I share in his outrage. Here’s the Secretary of the Air Force, Deborah Lee James:

“All of the technical experts with whom I have consulted have told me this is not a one- or two- or three-year deal. You’re looking at six years, maybe seven years to develop an engine, and another year or two beyond that to integrate. This truly is rocket science. These are hard technical problems, and so to have that 2019 date there is pretty aggressive, and I’m not sure we can make it,

Really? Really? 1961, Kenny gives his space speech outlying that America will land on the Moon by the end of that decade. In 8 years, we went from a Nation that had sent exactly one man on a sub-orbital launch to landing not one, but two pairs of astronauts on the Lunar surface.

We’re asking US industry to come up with its own replacement to the RD-180. US Industry, which already sends payloads to any Earth orbit imaginable, and already is capable of sending payloads out of Earth orbit, and does so regularly. US Industry can’t take rocket engines in its own inventory and modify them to replace and out-lift the RD-180 in 4.5 years? C’mon. They can.

The fact of the matter is is that there are friends of Russia sprinkled throughout the Defense and State departments, and they’re the ones who are pushing for an extension of the RD-180. Likely, Secretary James is one of them. Well, to paraphrase Captain Sir Edward Pellew

There is no power on Earth that can withstand the might of US Industry…we just have to get out of its way and stop hamstringing it, AND have folks in Washington D.C. believe in it.

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