Jul 05 2015

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Rut rho…New Horizons loses comms

‘We’re Working It, Folks’: New Horizons Experiences Communications Loss, Ten Days Out From Pluto.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft encountered an anomaly yesterday (Saturday), when communications with Earth were briefly lost. Although contact was re-established after about 80 minutes, via the worldwide antennas of the Deep Space Network (DSN), the spacecraft correctly responded to the situation by placing itself into “safe mode,” thereby allowing engineers to determine the cause of the problem. New Horizons’ extreme distance from Earth, and the resultant nine-hour round-trip communications time lag, will require between “one and several days” for normal operations to be restored. Although the New Horizons’ team expressed confidence on Twitter that the problem was being worked through, the incident adds further anxiety and nail-biting anticipation as humanity prepares for its first-time, close-range reconnaissance of the last of the Solar System’s “traditional” nine planets.

Hopefully, this is a one-time problem…stay tuned.

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