Jul 05 2015

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Uh…we’re partying like it’s 2005?

Rocket Lab Announces World’s First Commercial Launch Site. I’m pretty sure Spaceport America got it’s start in 2006, and SpaceX has broken ground on its own spaceport in Brownsville, Texas.

Still, this is true:

“At present, the lead-times for satellite launches are years, and small satellite companies cannot reach orbit in timeframes that keep their businesses competitive. With the launch frequency possible from this site, Rocket Lab is one major step closer to its goal of making space commercially accessible.”

Rocket Lab’s customers-who have previously been unable to absorb the considerable cost of dedicated launch services-will use the launch site to launch imaging and communications satellites used for services, including weather monitoring, crop optimisation, natural disaster management, maritime information, search and rescue data, GPS and internet from space, among others.

And a quick check of Rocket Labs’ web site has this:

The first Electron launch is planned for 2015, with commercial operations scheduled to begin in 2016. At a cost of $4.9M Electron is the most affordable dedicated launch service for small satellites to Low Earth Orbit.

and this:

Hmmm….Rocket Labs, huh? I’ll have to pay closer attention to them.

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