Jul 28 2015

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ULA announces rocket development program

United Launch Alliance announces propulsion development program. Pueblo, CO is the big winner here.

ULA plans to develop their Vulcan rocket using the facility.

Details of the project include:
+ Approximately $5 million in capital investment

+ 34 new full-time jobs to be in place by October 1, 2017

+ $2 million from the City of Pueblo’s half cent fund for economic development (contingent on approval from the Pueblo City Council)

+ A 50% credit for personal property tax from the County of Pueblo (contingent on approval from Pueblo County Commissioners)

+ Additional incentives from the State Enterprise Zone program, administered by the County of Pueblo

+ Extensive collaboration and support from PuebloPlex

Hmmm…have to keep this in mind next year when I’m on the market again.

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