Jul 29 2015

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NTSB reports on SpaceShipTwo’s crash

NTSB issues findings in Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo tragedy. Bottom line: Pilot error and an air-braking system that was not fail-safe.

Oh, and of course: not regulated enough. Of course.

During the hearing, acting NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart said the accident and its aftermath may also lead to changes in the way that the Federal Aviation Administration regulates the commercial spaceflight industry – although he stressed that the NTSB is “not a regulator.”

As if it’s not hard enough to get ships to orbit already. In the article, Virgin Galactic is already implementing the NTSB recommendations. Given that SpaceShipTwo is completely different from other human flight systems, why would we want one-size-fits-all regulations based on a report on SpaceShipTwo’s crash.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

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