Aug 05 2015

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Lunar IceCube likely will ride on SLS’ first launch

Tiny Cubesat Will Hunt for Water Ice on the Moon. It’ll search for water ice on the Moon’s surface from an elliptical orbit on a six month mission. It’s a 6U CubeSat, and will plot ice locations by latitude and longitude, time of day, and type of regolith.

There are slots for 11 CubeSat missions on the SLS. Including Lunar IceCube (not officially on the manifest yet), there are

  • Lunar Flashlight
  • BioSentinel
  • NEA Scout

Lunar Flashlight has a similar mission to Lunar IceCube, but will use its solar sail to shine sunlight into the permanent shadows of the Moon to try to see water there.

Biosentinel is a PhoneSat, using an Android as its main processor.

And NEO Scout will rendezvous with a Near-Earth asteroid:

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