Aug 14 2015

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9 UK companies head to US for talks

Space sector heads to US on major growth mission.

The 9 companies are:

+ Arralis Technologies, a firm that supplies world leading, ultra-fast, radar technology (Belfast)

+ Bird.i, a startup that is socialising earth observation and satellite data (London)

+ Bright Ascension, a provider of software solutions for satellites, that save time and money (Dundee)

+ Gyana, a startup that uses advanced mathematics and machine learning to harness big data for use in everyday life (Oxford)

+ Mars Space Ltd, a company that provides services and consultancy on space propulsion, plasma engineering and science (Southampton)

+ Oxford Space Systems, a company which is set on becoming the leading supplier of deployable space structures globally (Harwell Oxford)

+ Printech Circuit Laboratories, a company that for over 20 years has manufactured a range of circuitry for the space industry (Essex)

+ PocketQube Shop, a one-stop-shop for custom satellites that cost less than a family car (Glasgow)

+ Scot Sat, a provider of ultra-high speed mobile satellite communications at a fraction of the cost (Edinburgh)

Some of these CEOs are contacts on my LinkedIn account. I wonder if they’ll give me more info than what’s in the article…

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