Aug 17 2015

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MUOS testing

Well, drove up to Virginia for the weekend to visit my sisters and their families and just had a blast, including catching more fish than anybody else on Saturday. Unfortunately, my sisters live across the street from each other in a connectivity black hole — they still have dial-up for Pete’s sake!

Got back to Fort Bragg late Sunday and overslept a bit on Monday, so I didn’t have much chance to blog.

My good friend Darrell joined us in Fort Bragg for this week’s testing, and he took a picture of me doing MUOS testing:


That’s me sitting under a tree monitoring and using two radio circuits: a MUOS net, and a UHF LOS net. Plus recording data on a clip board. It was hot, but fortunately I was in some shade.

BTW, Darrell is a fantastic guitarist and singer who writes his own songs. Here’s his youtube channel: Click only if you enjoy good music.

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  1. Darrell Rodgers

    This was one of our dryer moments in the field. Ft Bragg in August turns out to be not one of my favorite spots. I so prefer the dryer AZ climate! But the rains afforded us the opportunity to check out MUOS performance in that weather and it did pretty well when we used those Trivec Avant egg-beater antennas with their 5-dB gain. I also gained a new respect for our colleagues from Aberdeen and Ft. Huachuca. They can really get a test job done.

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