Aug 19 2015

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Bigelow Aerospace wins NASA contract for B330 study

Bigelow Aerospace and NASA Execute NextSTEP Contract to Study B330 Utilization. Love, Love, LOVE this! This tells me that, even though Bigelow’s BEAM has not docked with the ISS for testing, NASA has some level of confidence that it will work just fine.

Via its NextSTEP contract, Bigelow Aerospace will demonstrate to NASA how B330 habitats can be used to support safe, affordable, and robust human spaceflight missions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. As the name indicates, the B330 will provide 330 cubic meters of internal volume and each habitat can support a crew of up to six. Bigelow expandable habitats provide much greater volume than metallic structures, as well as enhanced protection against radiation and physical debris. Moreover, Bigelow habitats are lighter and take up substantially less rocket fairing space, and are far more affordable than traditional, rigid modules.

I suspect my first space vacation will be spent in a Bigelow station.

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