Aug 24 2015

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Mars One trounced in MIT debate

Two MIT students just schooled a company trying to send people to Mars, who successfully argued that Mars One cannot achieve its objectives under its current cost ($6 billion) and schedule (first landing 2020, first human landing 2027).

Here are a couple of the devastating slides they produced:

Then Finger went up to the podium. He made the case that Paragon (the space development company supporting Mars One) is well-equipped to design the life support machines that colonists will need, including breathable air on Mars. The MIT students agreed with him on this point.

But Finger pretty much conceded to all the other points the MIT students made — essentially agreeing that the Mars One plan is too generalized and nonspecific. He pointed out that Mars One desperately needs a primary contractor who knows how to build all of these satellites, rovers, and space habs that its colonists will need.

Ouch…good luck getting investors after this vivisection.

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