Aug 27 2015

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3D printing + CubeSats = Win

Design Competition Demonstrates Promising Future for Additive Manufacturing in Satellite Design. This was hosted by Stratasys, LTD and had over 200 entries. 3D printing can be advantageous because it can:

– Reduce the amount of assembly labor, which saves cost and time.
– Reduce the risk of assembly error, or a late part delaying production.
– Reduce the risk of repetitive stress and other ergonomic injuries due to assembly effort.
– Simplify the supply chain, reducing purchasing, receiving inspection and other ancillary risks and costs.

Here are the top three designs:



Foldable Articulated CubeSat for Additive Manufacturing

This is awesome. Were I a CubeSat manufacturer, I’d be purchasing a couple of these designs.

I liked this article so much that I cross-posted it on LinkedIn, which generated a pretty interesting discussion. Click on over if you’re interested.

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