Aug 27 2015

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Sigh…this could have been me

Orion parachute test evaluates failed chute scenarios.

I applied for a press pass, since the Yuma Proving Grounds are only a few hours away, but never heard from NASA. I would have loved reporting this event first-hand, and even considered crashing the event or getting as close to it as I could and maybe observe the test from a distance…but in the end I figured the risk far outweighed the potential reward. Maybe next time I’ll be awarded a press pass.


This tested the scenario where one of the capsule’s drogue parachutes and one of its main parachutes did not deploy. The test was deemed a success in that the crew could have survived the landing…but I wonder if they anticipated the capsule landing upside down or if that was a surprise.

See…if I was there, I could have asked that question. For you NASA engineers out there reading this, remember me next time — I’m a valuable asset!!

I will note that in all likelihood, parachutes won’t be used as the primary landing system on Mars, contrary to what the video says.

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