Sep 28 2015

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Sure hope you could see last night’s eclipse

My daughter in Virginia couldn’t because it was overcast.

My phone was blowing up from texts from my boss Brian about how awesome it looked, and I’m running outside and not seeing it in spite of a crystal clear sky. I’m looking from horizon to horizon along the elliptical, but no moon is to be seen, yet I know that the eclipse is just starting. I’m beginning to think that I’m losing my mind.

Then, about 10 minutes later, the moon rises over the mountains (my boss was at the coast, and I’m right up against mountains in the East), and it was indeed an awesome sight. I kept going outside from time to time to check on it, but after a full day of umpiring in 95+ degree heat, I was ready for bed before too long.

We’ll have to wait another 30 years for the next Super Moon eclipse. For that one, I hope to see the Earth eclipse the Sun from the surface of the Moon.

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