Sep 29 2015

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Interesting take on going to Mars

Mars-Les Johnson.

What do we conclude from all this?

1) We want to go to Mars.

2) It is technically feasible to go to Mars.

3) It is logistically possible to go to Mars within a decade of deciding to do so.

4) A trip to Mars is affordable.

Why, then, aren’t we going to Mars?

Because it isn’t a priority. We, as a society, don’t want it badly enough.

I pretty much agree, and it’s why I am such a proponent of a commercial approach over a govt approach (OK, there are many reasons, but this is one of them). There isn’t societal concurrence about going to Mars (or the Moon, or even investing tax dollars on space in general), and there likely never will be.

Those who are interested in going to space are a small minority of the rest of society, but it’s a big enough minority that there MIGHT be a market there for someone who can provide that service. Let those that are interested in that possibility ultimately pay for it? Free markets at work FTW!!

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