Sep 30 2015

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No Russian engines after 2019

House and Senate Agree on FY2016 NDAA, RD-180s Still Restricted.

The compromise version announced today mostly adopts the Senate language. At a press conference today, McCain vehemently reiterated his opposition to paying Russia for RD-180 engines and his support for SpaceX. He said that SpaceX asserts that it can have a domestic engine ready to replace the RD-180s by 2017. The compromise still allows the use of nine more RD-180s, he said, as his committee recommended. He added, though, that the language does allow more to be purchased if needed “but to commit to 6-7 [more] years is not something I’m prepared to do.” He criticized the ULA-Air Force relationship on this issue as a “classic example of the military-industrial complex.”

Glad to see Sen. McCain is taking a hard line on this. Necessity breeds innovation, and if the US launch industry is faced with no Russian engines by 2019, you can bet we’ll have US replacements on hand by then.

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