Oct 01 2015

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Moon Express inks deal with Rocket Labs

Moon Express signs historic launch agreement for private missions to the Moon. The launches start in 2017. This is a BIG DEAL, for a number of reasons:

  • As the press release states: “Moon Express becomes first company in history to secure such a contract”. I think that understates the case: I believe this is the first time (that I know of, at least) that a purely private space company contracts with a purely private rocket company.
  • Who knew Rocket Labs was this far along in their development? We’re not talking about a small sat launch to low LEO. This is a launch all the way to the moon with a decent-sized rover.
  • By securing a launch contract before 31 Dec 2015, Moon Express ensures that the entire Google Lunar Xprize enterprise remains open through 31 Dec 2016 for their competition to sign their own launch contracts. If no launch contracts had been signed by any team by the end of this year, then the Xprize would have expired.
  • Moon Express seems to be WAY ahead of its competition. Two of the launches contracted are for 2017. If they perform all requirements on their first launch (and Moon landing), what will they do for an encore for the second launch?

Bravo Zulu to both Moon Express and Rocket Labs. This is great news!!

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Moon Express signs historic launch agreement for private missions to the Moon

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