Oct 07 2015

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I have mixed feelings about this

Satellite Industry Association Urges Congress to Reauthorize Ex-Im Bank. The tea partier in me thinks “Good riddance, EX/IM”, while still acknowledging that the SIA president has a point: Other countries have their own version of the EX/IM bank, or subsidize their industries directly, and not having a similar construct here in the US puts our commercial satellite manufacturing sector at a disadvantage.

Ultimately, though, competition is a good thing. I think the best solution is to continue to kill the EX/IM bank here while using the State Department and trade agreements to lean heavily on those governments to influence them to reduce their aid to their own satellite industries. This would require, of course, and White House Administration that 1) didn’t have its head up its butt, and 2) actually liked the US.

Because neither of those two conditions are currently met, I can see the case for continuing the EX/IM bank, at least for the time being.

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