Oct 07 2015

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SpaceIL inks launch deal to reach Google Lunar Xprize milestone

Israeli Google Lunar XPrize Team is First to Sign Launch Agreement for Private Mission to the Moon on SpaceX Falcon 9. All sorts of New Space goodness in this press release.

SpaceIL is the second team to reach this milestones, as this announcement comes hot on the heels of Moon Express’ deal with Rocket Labs. SpaceX is the very definition of New Space (even if they do get some subsidies from the government), and Spaceflight Industries is a booking agent for small sats who want to rideshare on big rockets.

Love LOVE LOVE this!

The article says that SpaceIL beat Moon Express to this milestone, even though Moon Express’ announcement was a week ago. Maybe this means that Xprise verified SpaceIL’s contract first?

Anyways, congrats to all! The Lunar Xprize is turning into a nail-biter!!

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Private Moon Race Heats Up with 1st Verified Launch Deal with a bit more information:

“We are proud to officially confirm receipt and verification of SpaceIL’s launch contract, positioning them as the first and only Google Lunar X Prize team to demonstrate this important achievement thus far,” X Prize Vice Chairman and President Bob Weiss said in a statement.

Here’s SpaceIL’s lander:

The article also lists estimated launch years for the following Lunar Xprize competitors:

  • 2016: Astrobotic
  • 2017: Moon Express (2 launches)
  • 2017: SpaceIL


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