Oct 08 2015

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Startup NASA — I likey!!

Startup NASA Initiative web page. NASA is basically offering NASA patents for free (for the first three years, anyway) to start up companies.

  • These technologies have been vetted for technical and commercial viability by NASA and external sources.
  • Patents are maintained and protected by the US Government.
  • NASA technical personnel and facilities can be available to lend additional support.
Of course, a few rules apply:
  • This offer is open only to companies formed with the express intent of commercializing the licensed NASA technology.
  • NASA waives the initial licensing fees, and there are no minimum fees for the first three years.
  • Once the company starts selling a product, NASA will collect a standard net royalty fee. This money goes first to the inventor and then to maintaining the agency’s technology transfer activities and technology advancement.
  • This announcement applies to only non-exclusive licenses, which means other companies may apply for similar rights to use the technology for commercial purposes. However, NASA will consider further exclusivity if the start-up wishes to negotiate.
  • Companies entering into these licenses are bound by all requirements in federal licensing statutes and NASA policies, including development of a commercialization plan and reporting on efforts to achieve practical application.

Here’s the link to the different patents if you’re interested: Patents.

I think this is a very, very smart approach for NASA to take. I’m sure it will bear fruit, not just in technology advancement, but financially for NASA as well.

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