Oct 12 2015

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Ukraine is not the only OpArea in which Russia is misbehaving

Reader Vic Moberg sent this to me over the weekend:

You might find this article on potential on-orbit space mines of interest: Russian Satellite Maneuvers, Silence Worry Intelsat .Of course it could be a “jumpseat” mission.

This is certainly an interesting development. I lean more towards “jumpseat” as opposed to space mine because the Russians parked Luch between two Intelsat satellites, and though Intelsat is a commercial company, Intelsat is cooperating closely with the US military.

Luch, in my opinion, is a maneuverable SIGINT gatherer. It’s operational mission is to sniff out signals to and from other satellites (or the ground), but its maneuverability is also a demo for a space mine. Just my opinion.

I’m sure the conversation between Intelsat and the Russians went something like this:

Intelsat: Hey, you’ve moved your satellite too close to ours. What up, buttercup?
Russians: Do not worry about it, comrade. It does not concern you.
Intelsat: Uh, it concerns us because Luch is freakin’ right on top of our two satellites. How ’bout you move it out of the area?
Russians: We disagree, Comrade. Luch is parked next to two US military space assets.
Intelsat: Wait…wut?
Russians: Tsk, tsk…It sure would be a shame if anything happened to them, wouldn’t it? Of course, we would never put a weaponized satellite in orbit…but if we ever did…imagine the consequences to Intelsat.
Intelsat: Gulp!
Russians: Dasvidaniya…comrade.

Or words to that effect.

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Intelsat’s Satellites Sit Between A Rock + A Hard Place As Russian Military Satellites Are A Bit Too Cozy

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