Oct 22 2015

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Rest In Peace, Bob Farquhar

I was just talking with my dear friend Lyman, who passed on the news that Bob Farquhar had passed away.

Here’s APL’s obituary for him which is very well done.

I’ll quote the comment there by Edward Reynolds:

I knew Bob well and worked with him on several projects. He truly revolutionized how the solar system is explored. Through Bob’s vision, creativity, and tenacity, small and relatively inexpensive spacecraft are now performing science missions once performed by larger spacecraft. I will miss him.

Of course, around here he’s know as an original Space Cowboy.

The space industry needs more Robert Farquhar’s. You, sir, will be missed!


It’s been one of those days, and it’s not over with yet. I hope to get my daily blogging done sometime tonight, but if not, that’ll mean a double dose tomorrow!

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